The Eco Entrepreneurs Podcast

S1E7: Growth Mindset mum of 4 and an Eco Business Guru : Petria Leggo-Field

September 29, 2020

"When you are on the right path, you are just excited to go to work every single day", says Petria Leggo-Field. Launching her business at the beginning of Corona Virus, she says, "I have the growth mindset. If I can launch a business and survive the Corona Virus, I can do anything!!"


Petria Leggo-Field is the founder of Coco Rose Eco and the Coco Rose Community.  Petria is on a mission to build a well-informed community based around the earth-friendly movement and help female entrepreneurs of eco brands make a bigger impact, create exposure and make more sales.
Petria is a busy mum to four young children and a wife to a fly-in-fly-out husband so understands what it’s like to be busy.  Petria is proud to gather a community of like minded business owners who are ready to embrace a more sustainable business,  and be mentor to help support and guide  them to make small steps in the right direction to enhance our planet.
Petria is also the weekly host of The Sustainable Shift Podcast, which was founded in 2020 and in addition also loves guest speaking and workshop facilitating about all things sustainable.

I'm all about supporting conscious business owners who are heart centred and wildly passionate about making a difference on our environment and the future of the planet.

Podcast: The Sustainable Shift Podcast
This Episode was produced and hosted by Rashmi Vittal. Edited by Prem Jagadeesh and Rashmi Vittal. Coordinated by Agrima Mathur. Original music score by Eden Mikula.

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