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Season1 Ep1: Creating an eco friendly dinnerware company - Bosnal : Palm Leaf Dinnerware

August 17, 2020

Krishna started Bosnal, a palm leaf dinnerware company, after his 7 year old son asked him, "Daddy, where do these plates go to?", while he was helping cleaning up plastic plates after a party.

Krishna, in a short span of 2 years had been able to reduce the ocean plastic waste by 1.2-1.5 million plates every 3 months.  How did this Eco Entrepreneur do it ? 

This episode is audio edited by Prem Jagadeesh, co-ordinated by Agrima Mathur and the original music piece is by Eden Mikula.

Reach out to Krishna @ They operate out of the US and are also available on various other platforms like Amazon, Walmart and more.

Contact Email :
Contact Number : 1 703-981-4676
Contact Person Name : Krishna


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